Short term and Long term Storage with Coast Transfer and Storage

Coast Transfer and Storage provides top quality and safe storage in Ventura County

We offer the ideal solution for both short term storage and long term storage unit in Ventura for nearly every type of dry goods or assets. Coast Transfer and Storage has processes and expertise to provide the right residential, transfer or commercial warehouse storage solution for your needs.

New 20,000 square foot, safe, and secure storage facility  located in Ventura  

  • Our goal is to keep your possessions safe
  • 24-hour security, 100% protected by Bay Alarm.
  • Our 20,000 square feet facility, located in Ventura, CA, is organized with heavy duty rack systems.
  • All warehouse storage units are government approved.

How does it work

We can store nearly every type of dry good or asset.  Our storage solutions include residential, transfer or commercial warehousing. We can customize our storage facility and process to handle high-value products and equipment.

In our new 20,000 square foot, our team can customize storage and processes to handle high-value products and equipment, and provide proper protection for your stored assets. All items are stored in tightly sealed wooden containers. All sofas and large items are carefully wrapped and stored on specially built racking. All storage units are government approved.

Dedicated Warehouse and Storage Staff

  • Experienced, long-term employees provide excellent customer service and who are experts at what they do.
  • We take care of your items as though they are our own.
  • Trained forklift operators receive, wrap or place your items in secure crates and set them on our organized racking system
  • Our storage facility is only accessible by our staff
  • We work with you to provide easy access to your items and efficiently move or retrieve items.

We pride ourselves on our excellent service

Coast Transfer and Storage is proud to maintain an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Better Business Bureau - Accredited Business

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Coast Transfer and Storage Service in Ventura

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“I would highly recommend Coast Transfer and Storage. Todd is the owner or you can connect with the office manager Loni. They are reliable, trustworthy and reasonable. I have used their services 4 times in 6 years for domestic and international moves. I stand by their guarantee for moving services.”


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